Latest Minutes



June 7, 2022 Via Zoom


Booster Board Members:

President- Rob Knanishu

VP-Pete Corken

Secretary-Christine Fleury

Treasurer-Brian LeFevre

Voting members-Amy Nelson, Julie Surina, Josh Bulak, Dave Andrews, Noel Granberg, Jessica Bainter, Janet Knecht, Carrie Ninowski


Present @ Meeting:

Pete Corken, Brian LeFevre, Christine Fleury, Amy Nelson, Dave Andrews, Marsha Brown, Pamela Shubert, Janet Knecht, Noel Granberg, Carrie Ninowski, Angel Haney, Sarah Garcia, Andrea Woods, Bridget Fors, Jeni Kahley, Leslie Day, Mike Mormom


Meeting Called to order at 7:05pm


Approval of Minutes from May 3, 2022 Meeting.  Pete Corken 1st, Christine Fleury 2nd, Approved.


TREASURER/Brian LeFevre:

-May Revenue: $5,504, Track deposit and payroll donations

-May Operating Expenses: $1,067

-$30,000 Final turf payment completed!

-YTD Concession profit $40,396, 51.92%

-Cash in Bank at 5/31/22 - $156,581

-District office is processing money from Spring Fling "square" sales.  Approximately $5,900.  Brian requested by month end.

-5th grade track meet concession sales outstanding. $269 Lacrosse concessions to deposit.

-Motion to approve May 2022 Financials as presented. Pete Corken 1st, Amy Nelson 2nd, Approved.

                  -Copy of financial reports filed with meeting minutes.



High School/Dave Andrews:

              -Most successful spring season ever for teams and individuals!

                  -Lacrosse made it to sectional finals and Goalie named DuKane Conference Player of the Year

                  -Girls Soccer Regional champs

                  -Girls Track Conference and Sectional champs. 12th in State

                  -Boys Track County, Conference, Sectional, and STATE CHAMPS! First Boys Track State Championship. Josten Rep has met with Dennis Piron to work on state track design.

                  -Summer camps have started.  Over 2200+ participants enrolled already!  Participation has increased as district enrollment is declining. Amy Nelson shared thank you to BAAF for $10,000 in scholarships to those need.

                  -Stadium construction update: Stand and press box are gone. Delivery of materials.  On schedule with occupancy set for the week of 1st home games in September.  On budget.

                  -Last Student Athletic Board meeting. 10 scholarship winners selected.


Middle School/Josh Bulak (Absent):

                  - No update



Corn Boil/Carrie Ninowski:

                  -Co-chairs Andrea Wood & Mary David

              -August 19, 2022

                  -Met at end of May and communicated with Dave Andrews. Go over the layout for entry as event gets closer.

                  -Tents and Dunk Tank reserved.

                  -Cornboil Flyer sent to Amanda Morse for distribution to all coaches to share at camps.

                  -Once numbers are figured out, then will work with Tara and Beth for ordering food/supplies.


Sponsorship/Noel Granberg:

                  -Elizabeth started solicitating sponsorship renewals. $14,000 to date!

                  -New sponsors and determining packages.

                  -Share any ideas for contacting more sponsors in June/July.  We have more time with home games not starting until September.

                  -Need Football volunteer available on Friday afternoons to help with sponsors and parking set up.


Membership/Janet Knecht, Lynn Barus, Marsha Brown:

                  -Attended 5th grade track meet.  Sold 2 seat cushions.

                  -2022/23 planning.  Same membership pricing, no swag only magnets and continue to sell seat cushions at events.

                  -Digital wallet not available yet therefore will have to use traditional physical products.

                  -Marsha received pricing from Lighthouse and was told there are supplies issues and orders will take longer.

                  -Pete shared he may have a lead on printing tickets (not magnets) if membership can get design from Lighthouse.  Pete to work on getting printed if possible and if not will notify membership by 6/15 to go with Lighthouse proposal.



                  -NERVA proposal still outstanding.  Rob stated not willing to put forth proposal for vote without test development and updated proposal.  Going to have to continue using 1to1 for website with Ralph's help for now.


Head Liaison/Amy Nelson:

                  -Thank you Liaisons!  Many are staying on for next year. 6-7 sports still in need for 2022/23.

                  -Will be holding meeting in July before corn boil kickoff to advertise to parents.

                  -Keys/money bag spreadsheet has been updated with names and contacts for next year.  All keys and money bags should be turned into Amy.


Concessions/Tara Schwab, Beth Deppe (Absent):

              -Nearly sold out.

                  -Outside has been moved inside due to construction.

                  -Stace Young staying on as Lead Football Concessions.


2022 Spring Fling/Jessica Bainter, Julie Surina (Absent):

                  -Waiting on Spring Fling basket sales from "square" sales.

                  -Share Ideas for 2022/23 events.



President/Rob Knanishu:

                  -Board Elections. 

                  -Rob will remain in President role 2022/23

                  -Motion to nominate Mike Mormon as new Board Member to fill open position.  Rob K. 1st, Amy N. 2nd.


Vice President/Pete Corken:

                  -Pete will remain in VP role 2022/23


Secretary/Christine Fleury:

                  -Motion to approve 2022/23 Board.  Christine Fleury 1st, Rob Knanishu 2nd. All in favor.

                                    President - Rob Knanishu

                                    VP - Pete Corken

                                    Treasurer - Brian LeFevre

                                    Secretary - Jeni Kahley

                                    Dave Andrews - BHS

                                    Josh Bulak - RMS

                                    Amy Nelson (Liaisons)

                                    Noel Granberg (Sponsorship)

                                    Jessica Bainter (Events)

                                    Julie Surina (Events/Social Media)

                                    Janet Knecht (Membership)

                                    Carrie Ninowski (Corn Boil)

                                    Mike Mormon


The meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm. Christine Fleury 1st, Pete Corken 2nd

Future Meeting Schedule (9 meetings, eliminate August & January): @7pm BHS Room 101

                                    9/6, 10/4, 11/1, 12/6, 2/7, 3/7, 4/4, 5/2, 6/6