Latest Minutes




January 11, 2022


Booster Board Members:

President- Rob Knanishu

VP-Pete Corken

Secretary-Christine Fleury

Treasurer-Brian LeFevre

Voting members-Amy Nelson, Julie Surina, Mandi Moss, Josh Bulak, Dave Andrews, Noel Granberg, Jessica Bainter, Janet Knecht, Carrie Ninowski


Present @ Meeting:

Pete Corken, Christine Fleury, Brian LeFevre, Amy Nelson, Josh Bulak, Jessica Bainter, Janet Knecht, Noel Granberg, Pamela Shubert, Norma Fortino, Jessica Edwards, Katie Townsand, Tony Schmitz, Gabrielle Fender


Meeting Called to order at 7:03pm


Approval of Minutes from December 7, 2021 Meeting.  Brian LeFevre 1st, Jessica Bainter 2nd, Approved.


TREASURER/Brian LeFevre:

-Motion to approve November 2021 Financials as presented.  Christine Fleury 1st, Amy Nelson 2nd, Approved.

-December Revenue: Concessions $2,608 (boys soccer & RMS), Sponsorships $6,450 YTD $42,250, Corporate matching donations $759.

-December Expenses: Concessions $1,347.  Expecting a refund from GFS for approximately $2,500. Negative amounts for winter sports due to starting cash bags for concessions.

-Cash in Bank at 12/31/21 - $165,618

-Motion to approve December 2022 Financials as presented. Christine Fleury 1st, Brian LeFevre 2nd, Approved.

                  -Copy of financial reports filed with meeting minutes.



High School/Dave Andrews (Absent) Reported by Pete Corken:

                  -Par-Tee Fore Bulldogs event 1/16. Registration is still open and spots available.

                  -Requested Amy Nelson reach out to Liaisons requested the need for 8 volunteers to help at the event from 11:30am-3pm.  Volunteers should email Dave Andrews and he will get them set up.


Middle School/Josh Bulak:

                  -Cheer completed their season finishing 6th place at State competition. 

                  -Wrestling finishing season this weekend at Dekalb Tourney.  Finished 2nd at Conference.

                  -Girls Basketball starts this week.  Best numbers in the conference, 32=7th Graders & 19=8th Graders.  Half of the conference does not have "B" teams.



Corn Boil/Carrie Ninowski (Absent): No update.


Sponsorship/Noel Granberg:

                  -Solicitating begins in May.

                  -Working on winter sports program and using a new program to make it easier for sharing future sports programs.

                  -Coordinating with membership for Booster participation at incoming freshman night 1/20/22 in fieldhouse @6-8pm. Noel will confirm space/table setup.

                  -Noel will be meeting with coaches on video board and better ways to promote using it in the future for sponsorships.


Membership/Janet Knecht, Lynn Barus, Marsha Brown:

                  -No new memberships. 

                  -Sold a few seat cushions at concessions during bball games.


Website/Ralph Henning (Absent): No update.

Head Liaison/Amy Nelson:

                  -Reminder to Liaisons if your sport has already had their banquet to turn in money to Jessica or Julie for Spring event.

                  -Amy will send an email to Liaisons about volunteer needs for Par-Tee Fore Bulldogs and open registration.

                  -Pete emphasized the need for Liaisons not continuing next season to look for their replacement.

                  -Basketball concessions has had difficulty filling volunteer spots.  Suggestion was made for Liaisons to notify Amy and she can reach out to all Liaisons as necessary.


Concessions/Tara Schwab, Beth Deppe (Absent): No Update


2022 Spring Event/Jessica Bainter, Julie Surina:

                  -Date set: April 22, 2022

                  -Looking into venues to host event. Difficult to find venues who can be flexible.

                  -VFW is a great, flexible and inexpensive option (less than $100/hr to rent).  We would pay for bartenders, entertainment, and food.  Spoke with Fernando's Kitchen about food possibilities and they are available.  Rented space would be the upstairs area of VFW.  VFW holds up to 279 people per fire code.  Outdoor space at VFW could also be used.

                  -Asking Winter and Spring sports to collect money and create their own baskets.  Let Jessica or Julie know your planned basket theme to avoid duplication.



                  -No activity, event occurs in Spring 2022



President/ Rob Knanishu (Absent):

                  -Current Executive Board is expiring at year end, need replacements.


Vice President/Pete Corken:

                  -Suggest finding a volunteer to be "RMS Booster Liaison" to bridge the gap between Booster/BHS/RMS.  Begin the search now for a Liaison going into next school year.


Secretary/Christine Fleury:

                  -Nothing to report



                  -Nothing to report.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:56pm.  Pete Corken 1st, Jessica Bainter  2nd.

Future Meeting Schedule: @7pm (location TBD) 2/1, 3/1, 4/5, 5/3, 6/7