Latest Minutes


September 1, 2020 (via Zoom Meeting)

Booster Board Members:

President- Rob Knanishu

VP-Pete Corken

Secretary-Christine Fleury

Treasurer-Brian LeFevre

Voting members-Julie Stuttle, Karen Yunker, Chris Ignoffo, Mandi Moss, Josh Bulak, Dave Andrews, Noel Granberg, Cathleen Neibch, Jessica Bainter

Present @ Meeting:

Rob Knanishu, Pete Corken, Christine Fleury, Jessica Bainter, Chris Ignoffo, Noel Granberg, Mandi Moss, Ralph Henning, Dave Andrews, Julie Stuttle, Denise Leatherman, Amy Fehrenbacher, Katie Townsend, Pamela Shubert, Lynn Barus, Janet Knecht, Colleen Puttin, K. Gawlik, Karen Yunker, Cathleen Niebch

Meeting Called to order at 7:05pm

Approval of Minutes from August 11, 2020 Meeting. Karen Yunker 1st, Jessica Bainter 2nd, Approved.


TREASURER/Brian LeFevre (absent/Presented by Rob Knanishu):


Cornboil - $6,300

Memberships – just over $9K

Sponsorships deposit - $15,640


Cornboil – just over $2,100

Concessions – old GFS invoice paid in August

Membership - $2,767

Scholarships - $9,000 (one was paid in June 2020)

-Cash in Bank as of 8/31/2020 $134,015

-Budget presented in 2020-2021 is as discussed/approved at the June meeting. We will need to revise

  this due to COVID 19. We have enough funds in the bank to meet our $60,000 obligation to the School

  District, our final payment on the turf agreement.

-Rob has requested Brian run scenarios with probability of 50% & 25% less yearly revenue and will review next month.

-August Financials presented. Motion to approve by Noel Granberg 1st, Christine Fleury 2nd, Approved.

-Copy of financial report filed with meeting minutes.



High School/Dave Andrews:

              -Fall sports began for cross country, tennis, golf and swimming.

                -IHSA allowing for 20 contact days beginning after Labor Day.

                -Currently in Phase 4 (low/med/high sports levels), if nothing changes and we go into Winter sports in November, Medium level sports will only be allowed to practice with intra squad games without spectators.


Middle School/Josh Bulak:

            -Intramurals have started for Cross Country and Girls Volleyball at RMS. We have 10 volleyball students participating, 48 of which are 6th-grade students. This is the first time we have offered volleyball to 6th grade students. For Cross Country we have 127 students participating. All 127 students are extremely happy that the weather has finally cooled down.



Corn Boil/Mandi Moss:

                -Positive Takeaways: Traffic flow worked! Check-in worked! Food delivery system worked! Bulldog Spirit Sales!

                -Improvements to be made: Move membership closer into the event space, Lack of participation from coaches and athletes

                -Presale orders=550, Onsite orders=37

                -Noel to give Mandi all concessions ordered for Corn Boil binder.

                -Overall Drive Thru Corn Boil went well but don’t want it to replace the Traditional Corn Boil.

                -NEED: A volunteer to shadow Mandi to replace her as Head of Corn Boil committee.

Membership/Janet Knecht, Susan Ungstad, Lynn Barus:

                -90 memberships (including 5 sold at corn boil) $11,250

                                29 Basic, 22 Premier, 23 Crimson, 16 Gold

                -Continuing to promote on social media and school messages.

                -Pete discussed the possibility of getting membership data out to liaisons for accountability by sport to participate as each team requests items on the wish list.

Advertising & Marketing/Chris Ignoffo, Elizabeth Poll:

                - Four corn boil sponsors, corn boil sponsor swag bags

                -Digital sports program is in the works and expected mid-September. Once complete a link to the digital sports program will be shared.

                -Currently at 60% of budget, plan to push sponsorships before football season.                      

Website/Ralph Henning:

                -Closed Corn Boil on home page.

                -Removed salute to 2020 class.

                -Loaded monthly minutes.

                -NEED: A volunteer to work on the website to replace Ralph.

Liaisons/Karen Yunker:

                -Currently do not have Liaison for baseball or girls golf.

              - “Communication is key”

                -Girls swimming update per D. Pierce: We are underway and have conducted a successful intra squad meet and had a victorious meet against South Elgin at the West Chicago pool last Thursday where we won every race on both JV and Varsity to go 1-0 on the season.  We have our only away meeting this Thursday against Elgin. Batavia swimmers are well represented as they make up half of the three school coop team of just around 45 members total. The meets at West Chicago are being streamed on YouTube so our parents (friends and family too) are able to watch even though in-person spectators are not allowed!  The girls are doing a great job following all of the protocols in place!  

                -Tennis update per C. Puttin: Varsity 4-0, JV1 4-0 Successful competitions with STN and STE, upcoming intra squad meets.

Concessions/Noel Granberg:

                -Corn Boil numbers were great for food orders, not much leftover.

                -Equipment okay.

                -Some non-chocolate candy, Gatorade expiring in October.          

Dinner Dance/Jessica Bainter:

                -Working with Executive Board on contracts for upcoming event.

                -Reviewing April 23, 2021 date, due to sport seasons shifting.

Scholarship/Julie Stuttle:

                -All 2020 scholarship funds have been processed.

                -No date yet for 2021 deadline.



President/ Rob Knanishu:

                -Finished “clean-up” of By-laws and will send to Board for review and feedback at October meeting.

Vice President/Pete Corken: Nothing to report          

Secretary/Christine Fleury:

                -Attended BIC (Batavia Interschool Council) meeting in August.

                -Two open Board of Education member positions up for election in April 2021. Petitions available in September.

                -Send plans for events to school Principals to be reviewed by RestoreBPS101 Leadership Team.

PARENT LIAISONS: See above under Liaisons



                -Committee working on estimates for Bulldog similar to “Bulldogs on Parade”. Cost up to $1500 for Artist and painting. Discuss in more detail at October meeting. 


The meeting was adjourned at 8:06pm.  Chris Ignoffo 1st, Karen Yunker 2nd.


Future Meeting Schedule: @7pm (remote or location TBD) Oct 6/Nov 3/Dec 1/Jan 5/Feb 2/Mar 2/Apr 6/Jun 1