Latest Minutes



April 13, 2021 (via Zoom Meeting)


Booster Board Members:

President- Rob Knanishu

VP-Pete Corken

Secretary-Christine Fleury

Treasurer-Brian LeFevre

Voting members-Julie Stuttle, Karen Yunker, Chris Ignoffo, Mandi Moss, Josh Bulak, Dave Andrews, Noel Granberg, Jessica Bainter, Janet Knecht


Present @ Meeting:

Rob Knanishu, Pete Corken, Christine Fleury, Brian LeFevre, Jessica Bainter, Noel Granberg, Mandi Moss, Dave Andrews, Josh Bulak, Pamela Shubert, Amy Nelson, Debbie Pierce, Ralph Henning, Tony Schmitz, Colleen Puttin, Tracy Cheaney, Janey Knecht


Meeting Called to order at 7:04pm


Approval of Minutes from March 2, 2021 Meeting.  Christine Fleury 1st, Pete Corken 2nd, Approved.


TREASURER/Brian LeFevre:

            -Revenue YTD $44,621

            -Expenses YTD $51,260

-Cash in Bank as of 3/31/21 - $112,068

-Motion to approve March 2021 Financials as presented. Pete Corken 1st, Mandi Moss 2nd, Approved.

            -Copy of financial report filed with meeting minutes.

            -Brian reached out to BPS CFO to discuss splitting Boosters last turf payment of $60K into two payments: $30K this year and $30K next year.




High School/Dave Andrews:

            -Currently have crossover sports with Fall and traditional Spring sports. Wrestling starts 4/19.

            -BHS highest participation and fielding most teams in conference.

            -Last scheduled Football game will be at NIU.  Only cost charged to Batavia by NIU is tickets sales.

            -Has there been an update to attendance at Spring sports? BHS no changes, currently Home games spectators unlimited & Visitors 2 spectators per player.  Baseball & Softball bring chairs/wear masks and social distance.  Wrestling indoors=25% capacity limit. Away conference games=2 spectators per Batavia player.

            -Per IHSA masks do not need to be worn by players in outdoor low risk sports.  Coaches & Spectators still required to wear masks.


Middle School/Josh Bulak:

            -Track has begun. Total of 8 meets (4 home/4 away) with all home meets @RMS.



Advertising & Marketing/Chris Ignoffo, Elizabeth Poll, Presented by Noel Granberg:

            -Updating in May sponsorship brochure with same pricing for 2021/22.

            -Looking for pictures to complete 2nd Winter program.

            -Discussion on separating social media/marketing & sponsorship into two committees. See attached responsibilities for each committee.



Membership/Janet Knecht, Tracy Cheaney, Lynn Barus:

            -No new information, will start planning for 2021/22 in the coming months.


Website/Ralph Henning:

            -Dave Andrews to send Ralph any updates to post on website related to covid protocols.

            -Scholarship info will be removed after deadline 4/23.  Once winners are announced, Julie needs to send Ralph names to be posted on website.

            -Any wish list items purchased, sent list to Ralph for updating on website.

            -Winter program posted on website.

            -Completed two more guides: 1. How to manage email address, passwords 2. How to link outside websites & links on Booster website.


Liaisons/Karen Yunker (Absent): Notes shared prior to meeting.

            - late winter sports and spring sports please continue to send Chris Ignoffo and links for your teams, highlights from your season and senior pictures if you have not already done so. Thanks! 

            - In the next couple of weeks I will be reaching out to current liaisons to see if you are staying on as your team’s liaison for the upcoming year ‘21/22 or if not, if you would have the name of your replacement. If so, we would love to know that as well for future communications. 

            - we hope to go back to an in-person liaisons training this summer if at all possible. This will help to provide information on liaison’s roles, concessions if we have them, communications to / from Boosters. Etc. 

If in person is still not doable, we can send the information via email like last year and / or do a zoom meeting. 

            - with that, I wanted to let you know that Amy Nelson will be taking over my spot on Boosters for the coming year, as my last baby is heading off to college in the fall. Thanks Amy! And thank you to all of our liaisons for your hard work and dedication this year!!!

            -Question regarding Team fundraising efforts.  Dave Andrews explained a fundraising approval form is required by all coaches requiring an estimate on funds raised and what the money is expected to be used on.


Concessions/Noel Granberg:

            -Working on finding a replacement and have a few possibilities.


Dinner Dance/Jessica Bainter:

            - Difficult to plan event with current covid restrictions.

            - Lots of items in storage from expected 2020 Dinner Dance.


Scholarship/Julie Stuttle:

            - Deadline 4/23, 12 scholarship applicants to date.

            - Liaisons need to share with seniors

            - Communicate on Boosters social media


Corn Boil/Mandi Moss:

            - Event date currently scheduled for August 20th.

            - Nothing being planned, waiting at this point due to covid restrictions.



President/ Rob Knanishu:

            - Meetings for 2021/22, 1st Tuesday of each month @7pm.

            - Board Charter complete and will be issued before end of current 2020/21 year.

            - Working on Board level replacements.


Vice President/Pete Corken:

            - Possible location for future event, Penrose Brewery.


Secretary/Christine Fleury:

            - Attending BIC meeting 4/15.



            - Amy Nelson reported the Bulldog Memorial is completed. Plan to dedicate at first home football game this Fall.



            -See above comments.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:53pm. Brian LeFevre 1st, Pete Corken 2nd.


Future Meeting Schedule: @7pm (remote or location TBD) May 4/Jun 1










This committee is responsible for the promoting the Booster Club and our student athletes through different avenues, events and social media. We do this through the following:

Social Media: (Katharyn Hoffman)

  • ·  Liaisons send 2 Season highlights/accolades per team to post
  • ·  Committee members send announcements, save the dates Booster event info to post
  • ·  Sports Program sends links to post
  • ·  Sponsorships sends Sponsor ads, thank yous, introductions to post
  • ·  Committee should retweet and share other BHS/RMS account tweets
  • ·  Committee should post the Team season recaps

Facebook @BataviaBulldogBoosters Twitter @Bataviaboosters

Neighbors Magazine-community brochure sent out every 2 months:

  • ·  Submit an Ad for Booster announcements 1⁄4-1/2 page
  • ·  Contact is Holly Deitchman

BHS and RMS events: set up a table—Sponsorships and Memberships usually run it but coordination is needed: Freshman night
BHS Club night
BHS and RMS Season Sport nights

Corn Boil
RMS Locker set up

SPORTS PROGRAM: Digital (3 issues) Sarah Ahrens

  • ·  Thought is to get students from the graphics department to do.
  • ·  Includes Season Team pictures and rosters
  • ·  Season announcements/save the dates-provided by Membership, Sponsorship, Dinner Dance and sport teams
  • ·  Booster info-Member list, sponsor list, Booster exec and committee members, Booster of the year
  • ·  Sponsor Ads—provided by Sponsorship committee

New this year: We added these because of Covid and to help promote excitement and awareness that the kids are still working hard.
Team Season Recap:

  • ·  Email sent to all Booster members and anyone that purchased something from the Boosters, Liaisons to send out to team parents, coaches and if possible Holly Deitchman to share at BPS101.
  • ·  Need to collect info from each team at the end of the year to share: Coaches, Team Records, Team achievements, Seniors, add Sports program for that season and reach out to Sponsorships for any sponsor they want to Add to the post. (“Brought to you by....”)

Team Introduction:

· Facebook and twitter post for each team with Schedule, social media account info, and any links to watch games if provided.


Increase Social Media use
Come up with new ways to promote the Booster club



Administrator:(1 person)

  • ·  Invoice customers, record payments in QB, keep google records up to date
  • ·  Order/pick up Banners-get artwork from sponsor manager, keep google records up to date
  • ·  Help hang and take down banners and maintain

Solicitation of Sponsors: (1-2 people) Goal is 45-50K/year

  • ·  Contact list provided
  • ·  Renew old sponsors—reach out, and follow up until a yes or no
  • ·  Solicit new sponsors—
  • ·  Send Agreement with sponsorship spelled out
  • ·  Keep google record updated with progress and what needs to be done

Sponsor Managers: (1-2 people)

  • ·  After sponsor acquired, follow up to get artwork new or old, receive signed agreement
  • ·  Keep google doc up to date with progress, add agreement, artwork status, payment
  • ·  Keep copies of agreement with copy of payment (check or cc) attached together to refer to
  • ·  Get Gold memberships from Membership committee, Make Parking passes, Make and attach Sponsor seating tags
  • ·  Make up sponsor bags (mid Aug) for those who get GOLD memberships and Parking passes to give out at Corn boil or deliver.
  • ·  Send our PR committee pics and info to promote Sponsors on Social media—certain sponsors at certain times as decided (throughout

school year)

  • ·  Keep sponsors happy and informed (throughout school year)
  • ·  Help hang and take down banners
  • ·  Send Sports Program ads to Sports Program head -Sarah Ahrens

Whole Committee:

Home football game responsibilities: can take turns 1-2 people per game
Set up Sponsor parking tripods in Sponsors lot (usually right after school lets out) Set up Sponsor seating (usually right after school lets out)
Manage Sponsor Parking Lot:

  • ·  Arrive before Sophomore game (4-4:30)
  • ·  Check for sponsor parking pass and direct to spot
  • ·  Take tripod to booth
  • ·  Lot is open to public at start of Varsity game-remove tripods for those who didn’t show up and return to ticket booth.
  • ·  Arrange for someone to put Sponsor seats away after game is over-can be a person on committee, or someone that usually hangs around

after varsity game, or pay Dog Pound to help.



  • ·  Update brochure,
  • ·  Make new Google doc /transfer some files May:
  • ·  Start contacting Renewals via email June/july:
  • ·  reach out to new prospects
  • ·  continue to follow up with Renewals-maybe give a deadline to respond before losing their spot August:
  • ·  Finalize the SAY sponsors and Scoreboard sponsors—deadline for ordering banners etc.
  • ·  Finish up getting new artwork
  • ·  hang banners, contact school to hang and switch banners
  • ·  Get Ads in for Sports Program and send to Sarah Ahrens with size requirements
  • ·  Meet with whoever is doing Video board to coordinate ads September:

· Continue to sell or renew sponsors for Main Gym and fieldhouse November:

  • ·  Take down interior stadium banners and SAY banners
  • ·  Continue to sell Main gym and fieldhouse sponsorships December-March
  • ·  Keep in contact with Sarah for Sports Program ads
  • ·  Continue to end Social Media shoutouts on Sponsors
  • ·  Recruit new people