Latest Minutes

Latest Minutes


June 9, 2020 (via Zoom Meeting)


Booster Board Members:

President-Manou Chahmirzadi

VP-Rob Knanishu

Secretary-Christine Fleury

Treasurer-Brian LeFevre

Voting members-Julie Stuttle, Karen Yunker, Chris Ignoffo, Mandi Moss, Josh Bulak, Dave Andrews, Noel Granberg, Cathleen Neibch, Jessica Bainter

Present @ Meeting:

Manou Chahmirzadi, Christine Fleury, Rob Knanishu, Brian LeFevre, Jessica Bainter, Chris Ignoffo, Noel Granberg, Mandi Moss, Karen Yunker, Josh Bulak, Cathleen Neibch, Janet Knecht, Ralph Henning, Dave Andrews, Julie Stuttle, Shaunak Dave, Lynn Barus, Peter Corken, Amy Nelson, Stace Young


Meeting Called to order at 7:09pm


Approval of Minutes from May 4, 2020 Meeting.  Mandi M. 1st, Manou C. 2nd, Approved.


TREASURER/Brian LeFevre:


Interest and donation



-Concessions Gross profit at 40.7%

-Cash in Bank at 5/31/20 - $128,527

-Remaining commitments (besides regular operating) for 2019/2020

$14,450 in Wishlist

HUDL - $4,500

Portable water chillers - $1,200

Basketball - Crossover - $2,100

Cheer – Portable speaker $250

Tennis – Teaching cart - $400

Lacrosse – Goals $300 and Sticks $300

Swimming – Tempo Trainers $600

Trips - $4,800 *Assume these are trips that did not happen.


-Bills to be paid in June just under $10,000.

-Confirmed no deposit made to Affordable Tent rental for Corn Boil 2020.

-May Financials presented. Motion to approve by Mandi M. 1st, Christine F. 2nd, Approved.

-Copy of financial report filed with meeting minutes.



High School/Dave Andrews:

                - Spring Season done.

                - IHSA working on Summer procedures. BHS working on summer contact plans.


Middle School/Josh Bulak:

                -Working on small group summer contact plans.



Concessions/Noel Granberg:

-Welcome Stace Young, replacing Holly Mapes, working with Tina Bleakley on Football concessions.


Advertising & Marketing/Chris Ignoffo:

                -Moving forward on 2020/2021 Sponsorships, discussion regarding offering 30% discount off 2019/2020 sponsorship prices.

                -Manou: 30% Discount represents the drop from 2019/2020 $50K Sponsorships to 2020/2021 $35K Sponsorship budget.

                -MOTION TO APPROVE: For the 2020/2021 School Year, Batavia Boosters will offer Sponsorships at a 30% discount over previous 2019/2020 Sponsorship prices. This excludes sponsorships for specific events (Dinner Dance, TOFT). Manou C. 1st, Chris I. 2nd, Approved.

                -Two new Sponsors for 2020/2021: 1. Rule 29   2. Dan Thompson-ILC 50yd Line Sponsor

                -Elizabeth Poll will be starting to work on renewals.

                -Sarah Ahrens working on Digital Sports Program instead of paper program.

                -Meeting the week of June 15th.

                -Discussion regarding sponsorship banners inside the track. Inside track banners are currently rotated along the fence. Can we move to street facing in the event no fans allowed in stadium for sporting events? Unknown, as Dave Andrews confirms this question has never been asked.


Membership/Janet Knecht, Susan Ungstad, Lynn Barus, Tracy Cheaney:

                -Holding off ordering membership packets until mid-July.

                -Stadium seats & Rally Towels, confirmed $1500 budget. If invoices do not exceed budget, no need for further approval to purchase.

                -Encourage “Support Student Athletes” as our membership message.

                -Ralph to post 2020/2021 membership details to website as soon as updated.

                -All voting board members need to pay dues by Corn Boil.

                -Dave Andrews requested membership committee send him membership levels/cost so he can make sure they are loaded into PowerSchool correctly.


Website/Ralph Henning:

                -Need Replacement, Possible replacement available after Corn Boil.

                -Updating website as necessary.


Liaisons/Karen Yunker:

                -2020/2021 Liaisons Positions filled with exception of Baseball, Softball, Cheer, Girls Golf. Coaches working on replacements.

                -11 New, 14 Returning, 2 Assistant Liaisons.

                -Karen will send Rob & Christine updated List.

                -Training planned for Mid/Late-July. 


Dinner Dance/Jessica Bainter:

                -April 23, 2021


Scholarship/Julie Stuttle: Nothing report


Tee Off for Turf/Julie Stuttle: Nothing report


Corn Boil/Mandi Moss:

                -Officially Drive Thru Event, Friday August 21st between 4/5pm-7pm on Wilson side of BHS.

                -Pre-Sale & Online only with set menu (hot dog or Brat with corn, chips, water, condiments package & utensils).

                -Promoting via Social Media & Word of Mouth, possible Banner.

                -Need to set up Committees

                -Discussion on how to handle membership (possible pickup with food) & sponsors (signs near pickup, sticker on bags).

                -Concerned with “Line” for pickup.

                -Will work with Police officers and city for recommendations.

                 -Mandi & Noel to talk separately to see what items are needed to order prior to event.  Accounts with Gordon Food Services and



President/Manou Chahmirzadi: Nothing Report

Vice President/Rob Knanishu: Nothing Report

Secretary/Christine Fleury: Nothing to report

PARENT LIAISONS: Nothing to Report



                -Ernie Jaeger. Amy Nelson to head committee with the help of Chris Ignoffo and Karen Yunker to honor Ernie and his longtime dedication and instrumental contribution to BHS.

                -Senior Send-off included Banner at Stadium & social media video, received positive feedback. Thank you!


Election of 2020/2021 Board of Directors:

                Executive Board

                   Rob Knanishu – President

                                Pete Corken – Vice President

                                Christine Fleury – Secretary

                                Brian LeFevre – Treasurer

                Board Members

                   Julie Stuttle

                                Karen Yunker

                                Chris Ignoffo

                                Mandi Moss

                                Josh Bulak

                                Dave Andrews

                    Noel Granberg

                                Cathleen Neibch

                                Jessica Bainter


                Motion to approve 2020/2021 Board of Directors. Manou 1st, Noel 2nd. Approved.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:13pm. Rob K. 1st, Chris I.  2nd.


Future Meeting Schedule to be announced as soon as finalized.