Latest Minutes



June 1, 2021


Booster Board Members:

President- Rob Knanishu

VP-Pete Corken

Secretary-Christine Fleury

Treasurer-Brian LeFevre

Voting members-Julie Stuttle, Karen Yunker, Chris Ignoffo, Mandi Moss, Josh Bulak, Dave Andrews, Noel Granberg, Jessica Bainter, Janet Knecht


Present @ Meeting:

Rob Knanishu, Pete Corken, Brian LeFevre, Christine Fleury, Julie Stuttle, Karen Yunker, Chris Ignoffo, Jessica Bainter, Mandi Moss, Dave Andrews, Amy Nelson, Janet Knecht, Amy Cole, Mike Morman, Julie Surina, Marsha Brown, Julie Crane


Meeting Called to order at 7:18pm


Approval of Minutes from May 4, 2021 Meeting.  Mandi Moss 1st, Jessica Bainter 2nd, Approved.


TREASURER/Brian LeFevre:

-Revenue, Concession for Track.

-Expenses, Website and credit card fees.

-What's left? Track concessions, soccer website payment (wish list item), final turf payment of $30,000 will be paid April 2022, Scholarships paid August 1st.

            -Revenue YTD $44,245

            -Expenses YTD $82,084

-Cash in Bank as of 5/31/21 - $80,868

-Motion to approve May 2021 Financials as presented.  Janet Knecht 1st, Karen Yunker 2nd, Approved.

            -Copy of financial report filed with meeting minutes.

            -New goals for 2021/2022 depending of concessions, fall event and membership. Not committing to any capital projects.



High School/Dave Andrews:

            -Open to current guidelines, spectators limited indoors & open outdoors.

            -Planning for "normal" Fall at this point, IHSA Executive Director committed to keep seasons "normal".

            -Dead week August 1st-8th.

            -Planning for school at full capacity in the Fall, working on full student schedules.

            -In the "home stretch", regular seasons coming to an end and heading to state competitions. Dealing with injuries due to over use with compressed seasons.

            -Summer camps have started. Currently have 1300 participants (normal approx. 2000) Registration through Batavia Activity & Athletic Foundation or If participant needs financial assistance contact Amy Nelson, Julie Stuttle, Dave Andrews.  Questions/inquires to Julie Stuttle.

            -Homecoming game 9/24


Middle School/Josh Bulak (Absent):

            -Successful Track season.


2021 Event Potential:

            -Pete shared Fall event possibility, met with Brad Novak at Penrose Brewing for Octoberfest event in September or beginning October 2021. Rent Room $2500, goal to make $10K (Penrose estimates $8K) Waiting for Kane County to approve Penrose Octoberfest event.



Advertising & Marketing/Chris Ignoffo, Elizabeth Poll, Noel Granberg:

            -3 Sports programs for next year, will send digitally. Sarah Ahrens to reach out to graphics department.

            -Currently still doing highlights for Teams.


Sponsorship/Chris Ignoffo, Elizabeth Poll, Noel Granberg:

            -New brochures are done, sending digitally.

            -4 Banners to "flash" on video board in gym for sponsors. Video board "staffing issue" per Dave Andrews due to complicated software.

            -Goal for 2021/2022 $50,000.


Membership/Janet Knecht, Tracy Cheaney, Lynn Barus:

            -Committee members for 2021-2022: Janet Knecht, Lynn Barus, Marsha Brown

            -Determining what to order, recycle, left over swag.

            -Passes need stickers to change date if re-use.

            -Left over Passes: Premium passes 74 (ordered 200, normally 200), Crimson 46 (normally order 400), Gold 46 (ordered 150, normally 200)

            -Left over Meal Tickets: 63 sheets, and large unopened package.

            -Decision made to order less and supplement with leftovers. Use Stickers to update date.

            -Place new orders without dates and use stamp to put date on passes.

            -Lighthouse printing company used for passes/tickets. Printing estimate $3000 to reprint all.

            -Membership pricing to remain the same.

            -Lynn Barus needs to reach out to BHS tech department to get membership added to Powerschool before registration opens.


Website/Ralph Henning (Absent):

            -Rob reported he is reviewing the website due to recent cyber attacks.


Liaisons/Karen Yunker:

            -Sent "Who's coming back?" email to current liaisons, finalizing liaisons for 2021/2022.

            -In person training meeting in July.


Concessions/Noel Granberg (Absent):

            -Rob placed Sam's Club order for Track.

            -Two new concession volunteers for 2021/2022.


Dinner Dance/Jessica Bainter:

            -No date or location.

            -Capacity issues with Batavia locations.

            -DD committee to keep list of location options.

            -Projecting to do Spring event in 2022, 2021-2022 Liaisons need to collect $$$ for baskets for each team during their season.


2022 Thoughts & Ideas:

            -Definitely want event!!!!

            -Determine what we can do, who wants to participate to make it happen?


Scholarship/Julie Stuttle:

            -Winners announced: Ryan Baxter, Luke Fehrenbacher, Morgan Haug, Cade Hawkins, Megan Pierce, Jenna Schifferer, Madison Yunker, Kaitlyn Collazo, Jack Lacasse, Caroline Thomas.

            -Megan Pierce sent "thank you" note to Boosters.


Corn Boil/Mandi Moss:

            -August 20th.

            -Rob confirmed the Grill team is in place.

            -Planning on "traditional" style corn boil.

            -Chris Ignoffo to put date in Neighbors magazine.

            -All Board Members need to be involved in event.



President/ Rob Knanishu:

            - Meetings Schedule for 2021/22 @BHS 7pm.

                        9/7, 10/5, 11/2, 12/7, 1/11, 2/1, 3/1, 4/5, 5/3, 6/7

            -Booster Bylaws revised and presented.

            -Motion to approve revised Bylaws, Pete Corken 1st, Brian LeFevre 2nd. Approved.

            -Bylaw Article VIII, Section 6 "Annual Statements", review conflicts of interest policy. All in agreement "Yes".

            -Question, does the Booster Organization own any assets? Dave Andrews "No, purchases are considered donations".

                        Follow-up via email communication to be include in minutes per Rob Knanishu "Dave - concession area large double door TRUE cooler, in back by the freezer, condenser or chiller appears to be out. It would not cool since Noel plugged in and hovering about 70F (since last Thurs). Those, I thought recall were new/newer from few years back, boosters bought in 2017?" Dave Andrews response "I will have our guys look at it and then if they can't repair they will call service.  No worries on booster end."

            - Approved 2021-2022 Board

                        Rob Knanishu - President

                        Pete Corken - VP

                        Brian LeFevre - Treasurer

                        Christine Fleury - Secretary

                        Dave Andrews

                        Josh Bulak

                        Julie Stuttle

                        Mandi Moss

                        Noel Granberg

                        Janet Knecht

                        Jessica Bainter

                        Amy Nelson *NEW

                        Julie Surrina *NEW


            ***BOOSTER OF THE YEAR Presented to CHRIS IGNOFFO!!!!***  First 2X Winner


Vice President/Pete Corken:

            -See notes on potential events above, no additional report.


Secretary/Christine Fleury:

            -Christine will check Booster P.O. Box for mail going forward. Chris Ignoffo will give her key to Noel Granberg.

            -Picked up raffle basket paper "filler" from Geneva resident for Dinner/Dance committee.



            -Nothing to report.



            -No reports.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:56pm. Mandi Moss 1st, Jessica Bainter 2nd.


Future Meeting Schedule: @7pm (location TBD) 9/7, 10/5, 11/2, 12/7, 1/11, 2/1, 3/1, 4/5, 5/3, 6/7