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October 5, 2021 @Batavia High School Cafeteria

Booster Board Members:

President- Rob Knanishu

VP-Pete Corken

Secretary-Christine Fleury

Treasurer-Brian LeFevre

Voting members-Amy Nelson, Julie Surina, Mandi Moss, Josh Bulak, Dave Andrews, Noel Granberg, Jessica Bainter, Janet Knecht


Present @ Meeting:

Rob Knanishu, Pete Corken, Christine Fleury, Brian LeFevre, Jessica Bainter, Dave Andrews, Amy Nelson, Janet Knecht, Josh Bulak, Jessica Edwards, Pamela Shubert, Norma Fortino, Shiloh Remmers, Leslie Day, Kelly Besic, Gabrielle Fender, Jill Lowe


Meeting Called to order at 7:07pm


Approval of Minutes from September 7, 2021 Meeting. Pete Corken 1st, Brian LeFevre 2nd, Approved.



                  -Follow up needed with Melissa Casey regarding use of Bulldog logo.


TREASURER/Brian LeFevre:

-Revenue: $93,364 YTD, concessions do not include volleyball or boys soccer. Octoberfest $6,490 does not include $1,800 from auction baskets

-Expenses: $19,938 YTD, cornboil expenses finalized with BEST profit ever! concessions missing pal joeys, jersey mikes. Advertising banners purchased.

-Cash in Bank as of 9/30/21 - $140,365.

-Wish List items: Per Dave Andrews, request for Hudl support for all or a portion ($20K/year) and $600/team travel allowance.  Note for future budgeting purposes, contract pricing is locked in with Hudl for 3 years at $20K/year.

-Motion to approve September 2021 Financials as presented.  Christine Fleury 1st, Pete Corken 2nd, Approved.

                  -Copy of financial reports filed with meeting minutes.



High School/Dave Andrews:

              -Fall sports concluding, hosting soccer regionals Oct. 19th & 22nd, Hosting at least one playoff football game.

                  -YH4L (Young Hearts for Life) Cardiac Screening Program coming to BHS 12/16/21.  Free and available to students with parent authorization. Liaisons need to share, coaches have been sent info to share.  Links open for student signup and volunteers needed!  Mandi Moss helping to coordinate and assist with parent volunteers. Information flyer filed with meeting minutes.


Middle School/Josh Bulak:

              -Volleyball wrapped up, 7th grade A&B conference champs.  All conference teams had a winning record.

                  -Cross Country sectionals this weekend.



Corn Boil/Mandi Moss & Carrie N. (absent):

                  -no report.


Advertising & Marketing/Julie Surina (absent):

                  -no report.


Sponsorship/Noel Granberg (absent): Reported via text message by Rob K.

                  -Committed sponsorships $41,800


Membership/Janet Knecht, Lynn Barus, Marsha Brown:

                  -2021 YTD = 258 memberships (Basic = 38, Premium = 33, Gold = 58, Crimson = 129)

                  -Lifetime membership passes created for this year's Hall of Honor. Question: Do we need to make retroactive passes for previous Hall of Honor members?  Check with Lori Wilson (Hall of Honor Booster Liaison) for previous names.


Website/Ralph Henning (absent): Reported by Rob K.

                  -All guides completed.  NEED REPLACEMENT!


Head Liaison/Amy Nelson:

                  -Contact fall sports liaisons to remind them as season is ending to collect $$ for Spring event baskets.

                  Parent Liaisons:   

                            -Wrestling: 2021-2022 season working on dedicated girls head coach.

                                    -Football: 99% of volunteer spots filled.

                                    -Tennis: 78 girls, Varsity 16-1 (7-0 Conference) two players 100 win club, JV1 19-1, JV2 17-0, JV3 5-1

                                    -Dance: Home competition 1st week of December, Varsity & JV qualified for Nationals in Feb. in FL.

                                    -Girls Golf: Varsity 6th conference, JV 4th conference. Two athletes qualified for sectionals.

                                    -Boys Golf: Individual Sectional Champ & State Qualifier.

                                    -Boys & Girls Cross Country: Conference meet coming up.


Concessions/Tara Schwab, Beth Deppe (absent): Reported by Rob K.

                  -Credit card now available for costco and sams club purchases.

                  -Working with BHS staff for deliveries.

                  -Trying to find products, Gatorade/water/popcorn supply issues. 

                  -Liaisons need to communicate concession needs


2022 Spring Event/Jessica Bainter, Julie Surina:

                  -Need help with ideas & planning Spring event.

                  -Liaisons should collect $$ or create baskets and give to Jessica.



                  -No activity, event occurs in Spring 2022



President/ Rob Knanishu:

              -Need to discuss positions & replacements


Vice President/Pete Corken:

                  -Octoberfest was a BIG success!


Secretary/Christine Fleury:

                  -nothing to report


The meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm. Jessica Bainter 1st, Janet Knecht 2nd.


Future Meeting Schedule: @7pm (location TBD) 11/2, 12/7, 1/11, 2/1, 3/1, 4/5, 5/3, 6/7



YH4L Information Below:


Dear Parents,


We are pleased to bring the Young Hearts for Life® (YH4L) Cardiac Screening Program to Batavia High School on December 16th , 2021. All students whose parents authorize them to be tested will be screened. Please be aware that repeat ECG testing is recommended every two (2) years. YH4L will provide this Free heart screening called an electrocardiogram (ECG) to identify high school students at risk for sudden cardiac death and to increase the public's awareness of this issue. To date over 265,000 students have been screened as a result of YH4L. More information about the screening can be found on the YH4L website ( A simple ECG, when used to screen young adults can detect certain serious heart conditions. Recording the electrical activity of the heart using electrodes attached to the skin with a mild adhesive, can detect approximately 70% of the abnormalities or “markers” from these heart conditions that are associated with sudden cardiac death that a stethoscope cannot. Please note that ECG screenings result in less than 2% of the tests being falsely positive. This may require additional evaluation and testing by your physician. We believe that the benefit of this potentially lifesaving screening outweighs this concern. We encourage you to discuss this screening with your child. Your child’s participation in the screening is your decision. We want to assure you that students’ confidentiality, privacy and individual modesty will be respected throughout all aspects of the program. Only female technicians will test girls and they will be screened in an area separate from boys. The Young Hearts For Life® Cardiac Screening is being provided to your students by EKGs for EGK and Young Hearts for Life donors. To learn more about other programs offered by YH4L and to register your child for this lifesaving screening, please visit our website at If you have questions, please contact us at 630-785-4366.



Joseph Marek, MD Founder & Medical Director, Young Hearts for Life® Cardiac Screening Program Cardiologist, Advocate Medical Group



Young Hearts for Life

The Young Hearts for Life (YH4L) Cardiac Screening Program identifies high school and college students at risk for sudden cardiac death. Each week sudden cardiac death claims the lives of more than 60 young adults in the United States. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and in Illinois. YH4L, under the guidance of Dr. Joseph Marek, a clinical cardiologist, seeks to detect young adults at risk for sudden cardiac death, and increase community awareness of this devastating problem. YH4L does this by providing FREE ECGs that can identify those heart conditions that can cause sudden death. A number of cardiac conditions can result in sudden death. An electrocardiogram (ECG) can detect certain impulse patterns or “markers” associated with these conditions that a stethoscope cannot. HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy), WPW (Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome), Long QT Syndrome, ARVD (arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia) and Brugada Syndrome are the most common cardiac conditions causing sudden death that can be detected by ECG. In 2004, the International Olympic Committee and the European Society of Cardiology recommended that athletes under the age of 35 be screened with an ECG every 2 years before participation in sports. Medical experts in the U.S. have not adopted the European recommendations for ECG testing, as a result there are no routine screening programs for these conditions in the U.S. YH4L, by working with area high schools and colleges, offers ECG testing to all students free-of-charge. To date, over 265,000 students have been screened and hundreds of young adults have been identified with previously unsuspected, life threatening, cardiac conditions. Screening consists of a quick, simple, painless ECG. Volunteers attach electrodes to the students’ chest and limbs in preparation for the ECG. The ECG machine monitors the electrical activity of the heart and prints out the information about heart rate and rhythm. A trained cardiologist then interprets the printed ECG. The false abnormal rate for our program is less than 2%. This rate is better than the false abnormal rate for most other screenings in healthcare. For more information, visit our website at Young Hearts for life is a 501C3 tax exempt organization. “…. To save one life, is as if you have saved the world.”


Batavia High School

Free ECG Screening

Thursday, December 16th, 2021


TOREGISTERYOURCHILD FORTHIS FREE SCREENING: Please go to 1. Hover on Registration and Events 2. Click Registration and Results 3. Select Chicago/Chicago Suburbs 4. Click on the permission button to access the Registration Page You will need your student’s School ID number to register.


TOSIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER: Thank you for your interest in helping us provide ECG screenings to the students at Batavia High School on Thursday, December 16th, 2021. Volunteers must attend one of the training sessions held on Wednesday, Dec. 15th. We're using for volunteer sign up for our event with Young Hearts for Life. 1. Click this link to go to our invitation page on 2. Enter your email address: (You will NOT need to create an account on 3. Sign up! Be sure to sign up for your training session AND your volunteer shift the day of the screening. will send you an automated confirmation and reminders Thank you!


Please contact the school office with any questions. *For more information about YH4L, please visit our website,

**Sign up is available now online