Latest Minutes


November 2, 2020 (@BHS & via Zoom Meeting)



Booster Board Members:

President- Rob Knanishu

VP-Pete Corken

Secretary-Christine Fleury

Treasurer-Brian LeFevre

Voting members-Julie Stuttle, Karen Yunker, Chris Ignoffo, Mandi Moss, Josh Bulak, Dave Andrews, Noel Granberg, Jessica Bainter


Present @ Meeting:

Rob Knanishu, Pete Corken, Christine Fleury, Jessica Bainter, Chris Ignoffo, Noel Granberg, Mandi Moss, Dave Andrews, Julie Stuttle, Amy Fehrenbacher, Pamela Shubert, Colleen Puttin, Karen Yunker, Debbie Pierce, Stace Young, Denise Leatherman, Leslie Day, Ralph Henning, Janet Knecht

Meeting Called to order at 7:07pm

Approval of Minutes from October 6, 2020 Meeting. Mandi Moss 1st, Karen Yunker 2nd, Approved.


TREASURER/Brian LeFevre (absent/Presented by Rob Knanishu):


Cornboil – reduced by $672; misallocated from day of sales – adjusted to membership

Memberships – up to $11,650

Sponsorships – almost $21K now


Advertising/marketing - $600

Discretionary - $715

-Cash in Bank as of 10/31/20 - $127,521

-Per Brian LeFevre: Budget presented in 2020-2021 is as discussed/approved at the June meeting. We may want to revise

this due to COVID 19. We have enough funds in the bank to meet our $60,000 obligation to the School

District, our final payment on the turf agreement. 990 Tax Return is due November 15. I will be working on this.

-October Financials presented. Motion to approve Christine Fleury 1st, Pete Corken 2nd, Approved.

-Copy of financial report filed with meeting minutes.



High School/Dave Andrews:

-Recent announcements by IHSA/IDPH/Governor. Move Basketball to "High Risk" sport and potential to compete during Winter Season is still unclear. Wrestling moved to Summer Season. Gymnastics, Boys Swimming, Dance & Cheer able to compete as "low risk" in Winter season.

-Dukane AD's proposed BBall delay & shorten season January 1st-February 13th. Also waived Bylaw for one year, to allow an Athlete to compete in multiple sports in the same season.

-Visit IHSA website for more information on Covid-19.

Middle School/Josh Bulak (absent/Presented by Rob Knanishu):

-With the announcement on Tuesday that basketball has moved from a medium risk to higher risk sport we have had to modify our plans slightly to meet these new guidelines. Both boys' basketball and wrestling started their skills and training season last week. The athletes are doing an amazing job of following the guidelines and still having fun. Cheerleading starts up today, November 2nd, this season has also been modified under the IDPH guidance to focus more on the sideline cheering as the athletics cannot stunt or do their traditional floor routines.



Tee Off for Turf/Julie Stuttle:

-Met with Top Golf and it is possible to hold event in January 2021. Contracts of 100 or smaller are allowed and can have multiple contracts if necessary. Same food/drink/golf package as in past years.

-Received survey results: 155 responses, approximately 100=yes

-Already have commitment from one of our past $3500 Top Sponsors.

Corn Boil/Mandi Moss:

-nothing to report

Membership/Janet Knecht, Tracy Cheaney, Lynn Barus:

- 113 memberships to date. More basic memberships than other levels.

Advertising & Marketing/Chris Ignoffo, Elizabeth Poll:

-Focusing on sponsor "extras", doing end of season team highlight email blast with a sponsor. Sarah Ahrens emailing a new team/sponsor every Wednesday to be shared with Booster membership, feeder teams, liaisons, social media and others.

-Stadium scoreboard banner to be replaced this week.

-Discussed reaching out to Aldi.

Website/Ralph Henning:

-Fall Digital Sports Program link added to website, cleanup & removed past events.

-Julie Stuttle to send TOFT & Scholarship info to be added to website.

Liaisons/Karen Yunker:

-Liaisons sharing info with Teams.

Concessions/Noel Granberg:

-No spectators at sporting events until further notice.

Dinner Dance/Jessica Bainter:

-Received notification Pipers in closing permanently and returned a check for our deposit.

-Gesture contract discussion. Gesture responded to our request to cancel contract. They believe the cost to Boosters is considered a "sunk cost" because technology was used for ticket sales and Gesture's technology remains available to the Boosters to use if needed. They requested a "wait and see" approach and if we can identify an event, they would be interested in rolling the contract into that event. Boosters will continue to be in dispute over contract and its completion. Options going forward: 1. negative and look to cancel and move forward with legal action as necessary. 2. Favorable if we can use this year or restructure/renew contract schedule. Plan is to seek legal advice before moving forward with either option.

Scholarship/Julie Stuttle:

-Deadline set: April 23, 2021



President/ Rob Knanishu:

-Updated Bylaws will be emailed to Board Members for review and voting at December meeting.

Vice President/Pete Corken: Nothing to report

Secretary/Christine Fleury:

- BIC meeting Review (copy of minutes filed with Booster meeting minutes)


-Dance (Karen Yunker): Risk level reduced to "low" and able to proceed with season.

-Swim (Debbie Pierce): Finished season Undefeated. Conference Champs at all levels, 3rd place Sectionals.

-Girls Tennis (Colleen Puttin): Undefeated 21-0, 2nd place Sectionals, State Qualifiers (Alex Klein-Singles & Leah Puttin/Bella Lins-Doubles), 5 All Conference & 5 All Conference Honorable Mention.

-Volleyball (Denise Leatherman): Finished successful contact days and approved lifting can begin Nov. 16th with open gym beginning January.



- Memorial Bulldog Update: Amy and Chris Ignoffo met with Sharon Sychta who will design and paint the Bulldog. The 30 " Bulldog will be adhered to a nice rolling piece so it can be used or placed at a variety of events. Sharon has come up with some beautiful ideas of how she will paint the Bulldog to really represent the Booster organization, and encompass all sports in the outfit or design of the dog itself. She is going to make a special 3D design that will go on one side of the Bulldog “sleeve”- like an armband- that signifies “Ernies way”- since Ernie will really be our first inaugural Booster. On the other arm will be another arm band signifying a slogan or special saying of what the Boosters and these members All encompass. There will be special plates added to the base the Bulldog stands on for future Boosters who will be honored and remembered. Chris Winkle spoke with long time Batavian Mike Spillane who will have a special piece of wood from Batavia that will be the base of the Bulldog that the plaques will adhere to. The Bulldog will also be adhered to this special piece of wood, on top of the rolling cart so it can be present at a variety of sporting events. Our hope is that we will present this Bulldog at a football game or sporting event in the winter/spring when (I'm not saying IF!) they happen and have a simple, but special ceremony. That of course is all to be determined in the future. Chris will be delivering the Bulldog to Sharon this week, and the painting and production will begin.

-Batavia Chamber of Commerce Membership, should we Renew our membership? Vote on at December meeting.

-E-Commerce presented by Rob Knanishu. Boosters was approached by Sport Tec PLC (Frank Garland) regarding Online raffle 50/50 Queen of Hearts idea for fundraising. Executive Board to further investigate.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:26pm. Pete Corken 1st, Mandi Moss 2nd.

Future Meeting Schedule: @7pm (remote or location TBD) Dec 1/Jan 5/Feb 2/Mar 2/Apr 6/Jun 1