Wish List

Wish List

Wish List











Batavia High School

Baseball                                          Batting Cage

Boys Basketball                               Krossover


Girls Basketball                               Krossover


Cheer                                            Portable PA Speaker

Girls Cross Country                         Travel

Boys Cross Country                         Travel

Football                                          Multi-Voice Headsets

                                                      Fisher 60” Tackling Wheels

                                                      3 HD Video Cameras

Girls Golf                                       Travel

                                                     12 new golf bags

Boys Golf                                       Travel

                                                     12 new golf bags

Dance                                            Travel

                                                     Portable PA Speaker

Boys Soccer                                    Travel

                                                      Chicagoland Soccer Coverage Website

Girls Soccer                                    Travel

                                                      Chicagoland Soccer Coverage Website

Girls Tennis                                     Travel

                                                      Gamma Teaching Cart

                                                      Court Signage

Boys Tennis                                     Travel

                                                      Gamma Teaching Cart

                                                       Court Signage

Wrestling                                         Travel

                                                        8 Bulgarian Bags

                                                        2 Stationary Bikes

Volleyball                                         Travel

                                                        Volleyball Ref Stand

                                                        Main Competition Net

Gymnastics                                        N/A

Softball                                             Travel

                                                         Jugs Super Softball Pitching Machine

Lacrosse                                            2 - 3x3 Training Goals

                                                         3 Warrior Warp Lacrosse Sticks

                                                         Coaches Cold Weather Gear

Track (Boys and Girls)                         Pole Vault landing system

                                                         Laser Projection Fieldhouse

                                                         Portable Discus Cage

Swimming (Boys and Girls)                  24 Pairs Finis Agility Paddles

                                                         10 Sets Temp Trainers

                                                          2- Power Tower


Rotolo Middle School

Volleyball                                          8th Grade Uniforms

Cheerleading                                     Full Set of Cheer Mats

Basketball (Girls and Boys)                 Warm up shirts

Wrestling                                           Scoreboard